News Reporter

A path to 1010 WINS

Glenn Schuck is a news reporter and anchor that had been working towards a career in media for most of his life.

Schuck has been interested in achieving a job in media ever since he was a teen.

“I just loved like being in the car or hearing a voice coming out. I thought it was like the coolest thing ever,” said Glenn Schuck, 1010 WINS news reporter and anchor.

Schuck pushed from then on to increase his knowledge and skill in radio and news reporting.

“Work hard, I think that’s one thing I can take pride in. I’ve never given up,” said Schuck.

Because of that hard work Schuck found himself a path into the media business.

Glenn Schuck is a news reporter and anchor at 1010 WINS. He is a New Jersey native who enjoys reporting in New York.

One of the jobs Schuck got involved moving from the east coast to the west coast for a job in California.

When he was 30 he received news that the station was being cancelled.

“One day the music director came into the program director, I was there a year I had moved all the way from New Jersey, drove all the way from New Jersey, drove cross country and they pulled the plug on the station,” said Schuck.

Schuck had no job at that point in his career and no idea as to what his next step would be. He felt some pressure from his family because of how successful successful his brothers were.

“My brothers are doctors, older and younger, much different career paths then I had, my parents always kind of wondered like what I was doing,” said Schuck.

That’s when he got the chance of a lifetime.

Schuck got an offer from Ben Mevorach because of the strong impression on in his college years. They offered him a job back in New York doing the one thing he had always wanted.

“This is a one in a million chance that I would get to be on the station that I dreamed of being on as a kid,” said Schuck.

Glenn Schuck has worked at 1010 WINS in New York City since 2000. He has enjoyed reporting on many different events over his career.

It was 1010 WINS that had a job opening and the next 20 years is history. Schuck went from a thirty-year-old that was laid off on one side of the country to having a job at the most listened to news stations in the United States.

“You know you need a break or you need something to go right for you cause it doesn’t always, that went right for me and it really changed my life,” said Schuck.

Schuck continues to report at 1010 WINS and will continue for the foreseeable future.