Muskie Student

Running through quarantine

Sam Paydock is a student at Muskingum University who kept a good mentality through these unusual times.

Being his senior year in high school the pandemic took away a majority of his spring schooling and sporting activities.  

“Our track season got cancelled and I really put a lot of hard work through the offseason into that and coming off of a kind of disappointing football season I was really looking for track to kinda bounce back,” said Sam Paydock, freshman at Muskingum University. 

Sam Paydock is a freshman at Muskingum University. Paydock stays active through running.

Even though he was losing part of his senior year Paydock kept a positive mindset in throughout. 

“Even though it may seem bad at some times it could always be worse and you just gotta work hard and push through it,” said Paydock. 

That mentality was fueled by the strong support group he had around him. His track team all shared in the same disappointment so they helped work through it together. 

“Even though we did not have any actual practices, there is a group of us that kind of got together in our park and ran and worked out,” said Paydock. 

Paydock was also grateful for a coach who was there for him and his friends whenever they needed him. 

“He [track coach] was probably one of the best coaches in my life and he really helped just make sure that we were all good and that we were trying to be as positive as we could possibly be,” said Paydock. 

A good mentality is not the only thing Paydock has benefited from during this pandemic. Paydock has also enjoyed an overall better feeling toward how he handles life. 

“I think I’ve started eating healthier and just having a more well-rounded lifestyle and being able to work out, eat better, and just all around just relationships with people I think also have gotten better,” said Paydock. 

This experience has also challenged Paydock to adapt in ways that without the pandemic wouldn’t have happened.

“Before this I was more of a scheduled person, I would always have to have a schedule online. I didn’t like changes, but now I think I’ve become more adaptable to situations,” said Paydock.

Paydock adapted to these hard times and has been grateful for those around him in helping him do so.

Paydock went into this pandemic as a senior in high school, but he has run himself into his freshman year of college and hasn’t looked back.