Fitness Instructor Inspires Others

Katie McNeil is a fitness instructor and exercise enthusiast who embraces a life o health and fitness.

McNeil pushes herself and fellow community members to be the best version of themselves using the mentality that her father taught back in her early years or running.

“Keep working hard and if you keep that hard work ethic you can accomplish anything,” said Katie McNeil, fitness instructor and exercise enthusiast.

Having spent most of her life being physically active and participating in many marathons, McNeil kept active through many different activities.

“I want to share with everybody what I know about health and fitness, and if you could do it in some capacity that’s success to me, and that’s success for the community,” said McNeil.

McNeil understands the struggle of managing fitness and everyday problems.

McNeil knows not everyone can make health and fitness their main focus in life. But she encourages trying to do something physical and using her mindset when it comes to managing things.

“I’m always onto the next thing. I just have to schedule things and carefully plan things,” said McNeil.

She wants to help those around her and make life a better place for them. Whether it’s though fitness or just listening to some of the advice she has for other people.

McNeil is a community member who looks forward to helping others.

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